Wednesday, June 2, 2010

it's april 26th,2010monday, i'm at incheon airport

it's april 26th,2010monday, i'm at incheon airport

it's april 25th, 2010 sunday, i'm currently in incheon airport detention again...hahah...not funny? no, it isn't but i don't feel as bad as the first time. my problem getting home again. i don't think the temple thinks it's funny at all. i'm stuck again. last year they just put me on the plane. korean air asked me to p...ay when i got nyc. but of course i had zero dollars. same thing all over again.

part two: mr. choo, of korean air, explained to me, he helped me last year too, that maybe i am on a black list; that i should go back to nyc and apply for a religious visa--and that hopefully my case would be reviewed--i'd be removed from the list--then allowed back.

part three: year. i didn't know i was any list other than the five year ban--which incidentally was because the korean government had to pay for my ticket in 2005 plus have me escorted all the way to nyc. egads.

Now I am waiting for the monks to get back to me. I guess they're kind of busy. It's sunday. They haven't gotten back. Mr. Chu said that this is similar to what happened last year. In effect that I have been abandoned. Well Mark, dude, now you can say I told you so. But I am just going to wait and see. I would hope that they offer to send me to the... See More temple in China or Japan; and that I apply for a visa there. But as Mr. Choo, rightly pointed out, if it doesn't work out, I'd be "stuck" in China or Japan. And I'm not even a MONK!!!! Mr. Choo says the path, road to Buddhism is hard. right..... anyway I'm just a pain in the ass now. Now Mrs Cross can say she told me so....egads double egads!

the phone number here is 82-(0)32-741-7139

at the incheon airport holding area

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