Friday, February 10, 2012

Dear God/Buddha/Universe, true love, job, apartment and world peace... 

Dear God/Buddha/Universe, true love, job, apartment and world peace... (Chelsea)

Date: 2012-02-10, 2:31PM EST
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Dear God/Buddha/Universe,

Hotep, Ashe, Namaste, Asalaam Aleikum, Annyounghaseo, Whassup! Hope all is well. Can we talk? I am quite sure that you have more important things going on. In fact, this is in addition to my constant wishes for world peace, happiness and love for everyone, every sentient being, the world. Is it too much to ask if you could spare a nanosecond of your omnipotence to help a brother out, it'd be most appreciated. I need a job and and apartment please! I am willing to work hard for an honest dollar. I am literate, computer savvy, bilingual (Korean, English) and focused. I am sound in body and mind. I'm a born New Yorker. I will defiinitely give you your props, if it's required. Do you really care about that sort of thing? Just asking. Is it too much to ask for? I know, G/B/U helps those who help themselves. I'm trying. (Oh yeah, please let my girl come back to me. Please let us make each other happy. Please let us love each other and share that love with the whole world.) Amen, Awomen, Ah Peace Love Happiness
Fitzcarl AJ Reid
resume posted below (references available upon request):

presently: self-employed English tutor and freelance translator; recently employed by LIS
previously: (English teacher, mainly in South Korea, 1998 to 2004)
3 to 6. 2003. Volunteer Teacher, SALESIO HOME FOR WORKING BOYS. Seoul, South Korea., Conduct one-hour English classes twice a week for a class of up to 10 students - encouraging students to improve their skills.
1 to 10. 1998. Volunteer Conversation Partner, NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL CENTER. Meet on a weekly basis with a student (business person, university student, immigrant or refugee) to help them improve their English conversational skills.
6. 1995 to 10. 1998. Independent Graphic Designer/Artist, FREELANCER. NYC. Edit/layout of various publications-magazines, pamphlets, newsletters and flyers creating logo designs --- creating my own works of art for public viewing and consumption.
1 to 12. 1995. Administrative Assistant, NEW YORK ONLINE. NYC. Web design of client projects writing/editing HTML code and office upkeep.
6. 1989 to 6. 1994. Office Manager. YOUTH FORCE, CITIZENS COMMITTEE FOR NYC. Office upkeep and administration of a youth empowerment organization: conducting workshops; holding conferences; & awarding grants.
11. 1988 to 06. 1991. Volunteer Journalist, NEW YOUTH CONNECTIONS. NYC. Cover issues affecting New York City High School students.
E D U C A T I O N 6/2001. Two years, Korean course, level 5 certificate, Seoul National University. 10/1998. Three years, New York Grupo de Capoeira Angola, Mestre Joao Grande. 06/1989. Semester, Diploma (Journalism intern), City-As-School Brooklyn HS. 06/1988. Three years, Brooklyn Technical HS.
S K I L L S. Fluent/literate in Korean; Type 43 wpm, HTML, MS Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint; general computer skills (also very comfortable with Mac environment and software)
I N T E R E S T S. Writing, dance, painting, sculpture, graphic design, travel, science, cinema, foreign cultures/cuisine 

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